You can contact by emailing:
feedback [at] midnight-oil [dot] info

Time:2006-11-21 @ 18:32:00 utc
Comment:Hi Guys,

I had the pleasure of seeing the Oil's live in Darwin in 1983 (or was it 1984) It would have been during the dry season and therefore more than likely between May and Oct.
Most certainly the best concert I ever went to in our Northern tropical city.

My point is - on your web site there is no reference to the concert. In fact the only Oils
concert you record in Darwin is 2002. Is this an oversight or was I just having too good a time in Darwin at the time.
Time:2006-11-17 @ 16:54:00 utc
Comment:I am a juke box operator in Massachusetts (USA). We operate E-Cast Download juke boxes. E-Cast has approx. 200,000 albums available to download. We operate several of these machine and the most requested song that CANNOT be played is "Beds are Burning". Not only is it one of my personal best songs of all time, it is very popular to hundreds of other people also. Will it ever be available to millions of juke box users in the USA?
Time:2006-11-11 @ 14:26:00 utc
Comment:Hey guy’s I noticed that the singlet being sold with your new album is made in bloody china.

Surely a home grown hemp singlet would have been the go.

As a retailer I can tell you the fans would pay extra to have a quality Aussie made product.
Time:2006-11-01 @ 09:42:00 utc
Comment:Hey Guys

Congratulations on you well deserved induction! I was touched by your remarks on the ARIA'S the other night....particularily about the fact that there aren't enough politically motivated musicians around or that the one's that are aren't getting enough support. As a singer/songwriter i'm finding it tough to network with any political musicians perhaps you could help continue the tradition by haveing a musos section on your site where we can rally?

Time:2006-11-01 @ 09:42:00 utc
Comment:Hey Guys

Congratulations on you well deserved induction! I was touched by your remarks on the ARIA'S the other night....particularily about the fact that there aren't enough politically motivated musicians around or that the one's that are aren't getting enough support. As a singer/songwriter i'm finding it tough to network with any political musicians perhaps you could help continue the tradition by haveing a musos section on your site where we can rally?

Time:2006-10-30 @ 17:31:00 utc
Comment:Hi Guys,
Just like to suggest that you post Rob's ARIA speech from last night. I've been trawling the web for it to no avail. It really was a memorable moment, very impacting and the highlight of the night. I'd love to get a copy or somehow or other see it in print.
Time:2006-10-30 @ 17:42:00 utc
Name:Vince the infidel
Saw Rob Hirst's speech on the Arias last night. Thats a rant Ayman Al Zawahiri would be proud of.
Incidently, I have a few of your albums from the 80's. Could I return them for a refund please?
Time:2006-10-01 @ 20:06:00 utc
Name:Rhythm Bell
Comment:Hi Guys.

hope all is well. we (rhythm bell) have always been fans, but have recently
taken a turn to immersing ourselves in your music. we are loving it, and
are receiving a great deal of inspiration out of your music and ideas.

Rhythm Bell are a band from the Mornington Peninsula area of Melbourne, and
have have just finished a busy first year of playing gigs around melbourne
and sydney. along the way we have supported great bands such as Something
For Kate and the Nation Blue.

our past few gigs have seen us play a cover; being your wonderful song "The
POwer and the Passion". it is quite different from the way you guys
recorded he song, but still very much the same song at heart. it is
unbelievable how well it has been received by audiences. i am hoping that
we have inspired a few people to go and listen to your music.

it has been received so well that we were considering recording it when we
hit the studio to record our second EP. the EP will be released through a
DIY label and likely distributed through shows, online, and at independent
music outlets such as Missing Link and Cumbersome Records.

i have perused the APRA specs for recording a cover, but i thought that
first things first, we should check to see if you guys were happy for us to
do it.

thanks for your time and the continual inspiration.

dave RB
Time:2006-09-21 @ 16:16:00 utc
Name:SIN Hoepfl Mark

great site! do you have any idea on the tracklisting for the upcoming flat chat cd?

Time:2006-07-05 @ 21:28:24 utc
Name:Sonia Morelli
Comment:My children aged 9 and 11 have become your biggest fan. Will you be playing sometime in the near future?
Time:2006-05-13 @ 08:26:38 utc
Comment:The World could use the moral compass that the Oils provided for so long. I still feel re-energized and ready to take on the evil-doers whenever I listen. Does anyone have, or know where I can find guitar tabs for the MO covers of "Instant Karma" and "what's so funny..."? Both covers are the rockingest versions of those songs I have ever heard. This band is one of the greatest socially concious groups ever.
Time:2006-05-12 @ 03:04:53 utc
Comment:i have the ticket stub from my first oils show at the orpheum theatre in vancouver canada april 22, 1988 but according to your list they were playing an anti-nuke concert in cental park new york city the same date (?) plus i'd swear peter gifford was playing bass that night. house of freaks opened the show
Time:2006-04-09 @ 02:15:03 utc
Comment:Calgary 1990 tour date seems to be missing... amongst others
Time:2006-03-29 @ 13:53:13 utc
Comment:Can't we start a petition to let them make a final good-bye tour in Europe.

I never had the change to see them. I was planning, But then they Peter decided to call it quits
Time:2006-03-29 @ 13:53:13 utc
Comment:Can't we start a petition to let them make a final good-bye tour in Europe.

I never had the change to see them. I was planning, But then they Peter decided to call it quits
Time:2006-03-07 @ 17:41:55 utc
Name:Abel Ashes
Comment:Thanks for this website. Midnight Oil have always been my favorite band and you've done a great job with this site.
Time:2006-02-08 @ 02:17:03 utc
Name:Ross McNally
Comment:I just wnted to say,I have known MIDNIGHT OIL for a while and have only ever owned thier gretest hits album

A.K.A "20,000 WATT R.S.L.", I'm pleased to anounce that I am about to collect every single album they ever made as i have done with many other bands in my cd collection.After listening to a few samples on "", I was taken with the great sound they produced and I'm on my way to becoming a true MIDNIGHT OIL fan.
Time:2005-11-14 @ 04:00:21 utc
Name:Alain BERNE
I was very happy to see another time Midhight Oil in live (Wave aid) as I saw them in Paris (Elysée Montmarte 1988, Le Zénith) & Lyon..... always and always the same feelings ......
Time:2005-10-25 @ 23:31:40 utc
Name:Freddy Greensill
Comment:I was lucky enough to speak and meet Rob hirst a couple of time,s , every bit of addvice he gave me regarding drums i put in to play, It than took me two years to achive all my dreams,i say thankyou from the bottom of my hart for that help Rob,
Cheers Freddy
Time:2005-10-23 @ 19:07:32 utc
Comment:I just wanted to download the 'Beds are Burning' song. Funny how that is so unavailable even if you are willing to pay for it. So, think about that.........
Time:2005-10-01 @ 06:02:12 utc
Comment:I see that the full powderworks archive is online... Please, please make sure that the e-mailaddresses or malformed to prevent spammers for sending spam to the listmembers!
Time:2005-08-30 @ 06:39:46 utc
Comment:Skip - there was no 'guest drummer' as far as I'm aware at the Oils On The Water gig. It was Rob Hirst playing - you can see that on the DVD.
Time:2005-08-20 @ 14:02:33 utc
Comment:who remembers the guest drummer who performed at the Oils on Water concert? no anything about him? is he on the DVD? can't access a copy until i get back home.
Time:2005-07-23 @ 23:59:51 utc
Comment:Hello from Vancouver. Many thanks for putting together and keeping this site up to date. I've seen many shows, and my favorite and the one that even tops the U2 Vertigo was Midnight Oil and Hunters & Collectors June 26, 1990 for the final night of the NA phase of their concert. The world needs another oil (impossible) or at least more Ozzies - direct, intense, genuine, funny and and humble - yet living in a wonderful place. If I had one wish before dying - it would be to assemble an international band of baldies called the puppetmasters or something like it. It would include two Peter G\'s from Australia and the UK, Midge Ure from Scotland, Michael Stype from the US, and Gord Downie (Tragically Hip) from Canada - 5 of the most talented breathing frontmen in music. Ahh - we can all dream. Anyway - my best to you and thanks for the details that help us keep our visceral MO memories alive and vibrant.
Time:2005-07-15 @ 04:35:19 utc
Comment:i love this site oooooooooooo alome
Time:2005-07-08 @ 15:10:26 utc
Name:Anthony Healey
Comment:I can add some dates to the Concert listing:

13 Oct. 1993, Rudi-Sedlmayer Sporthalle, Munich (I was there)
I was also at the 14 Oct. Stuttgart show
21 Oct. 1993, Nürnberg
26 Oct. 1993, Hamburg
The other dates I've just read off the tour t-shirt, and can't absolutely vouch for accuracy. The Stuttgart and Munich shows I could verify from tickets that I still have ....... somewhere.......

There was also a London show at the Town & Country in early June 1988, the precise date I can't confirm.

I have the excellent "Oil From The Outback" live CD on the Living Legend label. The cover sates that it was recorded in the USA in 1990, but the between-song patter, the thanking of The Hunters (& Collectors) and the setlist (including "Know Your Product")match my recollection of the
12 May 1990 gig in London at the Wembly Arena.

for more unnecessary trivia.

Anthony (Oils Bore)

Time:2005-06-24 @ 08:12:14 utc
Comment:you see us all day in our oil shirts,on the dvd, the first time i saw the oils in 1990 ,the first song woz "best of " and at wave aid the larst woz "best of "
i like that
Time:2005-06-19 @ 16:50:58 utc
Comment:I am an American who absolutley LOVES Midnight Oil- I think they are an awesome band with very inspirational songs which convey important issues that very few choose to sing about. I would like to say thank you for some truley awesome songs and great job on a really spiffy website!

Time:2005-06-17 @ 06:02:56 utc
i want another gig i missed wave aid please please please another gig protest with me fellow fans this is "no time for games"ooohhh "the forgotten years" where is the "power and the passion?" "The time has come ,To say fair's fair, To play one more gig, I'l pay my fare"
We love YOU
Time:2005-06-10 @ 06:01:55 utc
Comment:great site Mr Noisy... its become the resource for Oils dates... (any chance of getting setlists added from the old site?)

also, if you care - Midnight Oil - Storey Hall, RMIT 1987... was in July or August.

I went through some documents looking for an event Peter advertised at the end of one of the tracks... (The Camden Workshop with Shane Houston and Pat Dodson)

verify it by searching for 'camden workshop' in:
Time:2005-06-07 @ 18:12:04 utc
Name:Mark Blackburn
Comment:Midnight Oil is not only a great band but an inspiration to all who care about this world and it's people. Get involved and help shape our future.
Time:2005-05-19 @ 15:21:08 utc
Time:2005-05-02 @ 04:39:20 utc
Comment:I think its great that midnight oil create songs with true meanings about issues that have effected many peoples lives....... but u cant take peter garratt seriously when he sings his lyrics while dancing the way he does!!!!! hahaha..... good on ya midnight oil ;)
Time:2005-05-01 @ 15:53:09 utc
Comment:very good site congratulations ! Excellent idea, i like your website, go on !
Time:2005-04-18 @ 06:53:56 utc
Time:2005-04-15 @ 03:32:27 utc
Comment:ur downloading sucks
Time:2005-04-04 @ 15:51:00 utc
Comment:Hi I\'m from Belgium and hoping on a reunion as well and a final good-bye tour in Europe.
Time:2005-03-29 @ 15:55:58 utc
Comment:Great Site! Keep up the good work!
Time:2005-02-10 @ 03:23:53 utc
Name:Jake Linton
Comment:oils are the greatest and i want them to play a gig in queensland cause ive never been to a oils concert cause im only 14 and couldnt make it too wave aid cause of money. get sumfin goin like a beautition. oh and mandy kye il take that shirt from ya
Time:2005-01-30 @ 17:10:39 utc
I (Nico - Belgium) managed to record the MO wave aid concert via Triple J on the internet but the sound quality is so poor. I was hoping to find someone who's got a good quality recording and wanted to make a deal with me. Thanks.
Time:2005-01-02 @ 04:56:25 utc
Comment:i am clearing out my garage and want to sell an old oils t-shirt autographed. contact me for more details!
Time:2004-10-05 @ 21:21:06 utc
Name:murray west
Comment:miss ya!!!!!!!!!!
Time:2004-08-22 @ 05:26:51 utc
Name:theos pantodynamos
Comment:I am considering trading/selling some of my oils items

1.scream in blue surfboard autographed $10,000
2 wedding cake island 12" uk acetate $5,000 autograhed
3.gunbarrell highway 10" uk acetate $5,000 autographed uk 1985 Glastonbury Transcription disc $1,000
9.head injuries autographed by 5 original members( inc "bear" james )
10.self titled lp autographed by 5 original members( inc "bear"
james )$5,000 1982 radio show of capitol theater $200
6.when the generals talk uk 7" mega mega rare CBS A 6583 $1,000
7.truganini uk 12" withdrawn picture disc - shows union jack on fire
8.power & the passion - jap promo 12" p/c $ 3,000
Time:2004-08-12 @ 09:38:51 utc
Name:fools gold
Comment:dig it :))))))))))))))
Time:2004-08-11 @ 12:33:15 utc
Comment:i just wanted to say great site1
Time:2004-08-01 @ 06:50:11 utc
Comment:maga dey hereoooooooooooo
Time:2004-07-16 @ 08:28:12 utc
Comment:Listening to Oils for years and just thought I'd sign in to say thanks!!
Time:2004-06-23 @ 11:26:50 utc
Comment:anybody know if there will ever be a oils reunion??

if so, email me the info.

Time:2004-06-19 @ 10:42:47 utc
Time:2004-06-10 @ 04:37:35 utc
Comment:The lyrics seemed to sum me right up at the time. Emotionally, it ranks right up there with Brahm's symphony #4.

Too bad PG's now thought of entering politics. REALLY bad...
Time:2004-04-21 @ 11:23:04 utc
Name:jeremy peisley
Comment:midnight oil are the greatest australian rock band ever
Time:2004-04-12 @ 07:50:09 utc
Name:Nicolas Blanco
Comment:Incredible Site. I´m an argentinian fan of the oils and I think this is the best site that i´ve ever visited
Time:2004-03-31 @ 06:00:51 utc
Comment:get on the oils web page and sign ya best oils gig
Time:2004-02-08 @ 08:19:33 utc
Comment:I couldnt think of a better way to relive all those live oils shows, its about time oils fans loyalty has beem repayed with this gift of live stuff
Time:2004-02-05 @ 08:46:46 utc
Comment:Just listened to scream in blue cd, and I just have to say that Midnight Oil have a special place in my heart..

I`m looking for some more live records with the oils. If somebodey know somethings please mail me. /Didde/Sweden
Time:2004-02-05 @ 08:26:32 utc
Comment:Midnight Oil stands for something good in a world of greed and slicy MTV pop...
Time:2004-01-17 @ 04:20:58 utc
Time:2004-01-16 @ 07:37:00 utc
Comment:the dvd will be out in late feb,or,march

i hope rage will show it on oz day
Time:2004-01-12 @ 04:20:28 utc
Name:jonnie hanna
Comment:living as i do in northern ireland getting to hear about the oils took longer than i would have liked,but on that day in 1985 when i bought RSITS my life changed. i am now the PROUD owner of all the oils releases, the simple fact is, the oils is the best band to ever play music.!
Time:2004-01-10 @ 05:00:25 utc
Comment:Not a bad selection of live material - excellent website
Time:2004-01-10 @ 01:11:38 utc
Comment:bring on the black

rain falls dvd with

black fella white fella and oz rock will be serfing with a spoon
Time:2003-12-06 @ 01:58:20 utc
Name:oils dvd
Comment:oils dvd is out in jan
Time:2003-11-26 @ 08:00:48 utc
Name:Luke the Yobbo
Comment:Such a pity to see the Oils end the way they did, but you guys keep the music alive! Good stuff.
Time:2003-11-19 @ 02:59:17 utc
Comment:Midnight oil rocks




Time:2003-11-18 @ 04:58:14 utc
Comment:See!! Louis and me , we're not the only ones who think the same. Read this:
Time:2003-11-10 @ 05:11:39 utc
Comment:There are a lot of oils fans, with a lot of live stuff,This is just the tip of the iceburg
Time:2003-11-09 @ 04:35:07 utc
Name:Me again.
Comment:You know what? Why don't you put all your stuff on the net if you don't wanna sell. You would make a lot of people very happy.
Time:2003-11-09 @ 04:29:53 utc

Comment: how the hell is anyone supposed to trade with you when you've got just about every possible material from the oils. i'm dying to hear all the stuff you have but unfotunately probably will never be able to beacause of your tight ass policy. why cant you accept money. i'd pay heaps.


That guy Louis is so right. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Time:2003-10-31 @ 09:36:31 utc
Comment:hELLO, i HAVE JUST COME ACROSS THIS SITE, WHILE looking for the tab to Last of the Diggers, which I think is one of their best ever songs. My Oils collection consists of original Head injuries shirt,orig Place without a postcard shirt, set lists from Stewarts Alex, Qld, photo of PG with flare and hands of crowd from Big Top concert at Gold Coast Spit 1985, plus 50 other bits which i wont bore you with.

See yoo later!

PS At the Stewats Alex SSCoast concert I took 2 Swiss people I met Oseas. Not only did I organise the best spot beside the stage and mixing desk, I shook Martin Rotsey's hand, was given a beer by the mixing desk guy and got the set list later.

They were amazed.
Time:2003-10-23 @ 03:38:08 utc
Comment:Greetings to all you workers who come visiting here.

A nice site Mr Noisey but I am really waiting for my copy of the Oilslive project :-) A big thanks to you, Jeff, Cheryl, Miron & Matt and anyone else involved.
Time:2003-10-19 @ 05:23:16 utc
Comment:had a jam on friday night in Hawthorn and played used and abused with harf mi kit then loves for sale and sleep,ok be good dont drive into trees :)
Time:2003-10-18 @ 10:04:50 utc
Comment:who is the diference of the mtv unplugged and the calgary .

i am from chile and i can speak very well english
Time:2003-10-15 @ 02:42:17 utc
Name:Nemesio Moreno
Comment:They just wanted to be honest.They never played in Spain but there are oils fans everywhere. A spanish bald fan with the Oils written in the heart
Time:2003-09-29 @ 06:26:42 utc
Comment:saw the oils in 1978,1979,1980,1981,82,83,87,89,92,98,001..and just found this site well done mr noisy,,would love a copy of goat island as i was on of the idiots who jumped up on stage with them,,,,,,,,,,oils for ever
Time:2003-08-06 @ 10:01:17 utc
Name:phil hirst
Comment:well keep up the good work if you no danny from melboune give him a buzz and we can get together some day by for now or 'is it now'
Time:2003-07-19 @ 11:33:51 utc
Name:Dave Weinert
Comment:Let the Oils live on. Excellent site
Time:2003-06-01 @ 08:57:02 utc
Comment:Great collection.

Being a die hard Oils fan I would love to get hold of some of your stuff to bring back find memories of the band but have nothing to trade you don't already have.
Time:2003-04-27 @ 01:52:08 utc
Comment:I too have nothing this man would want to trade for.

Great site for Oil's setlists though!

Hello from Scotland!
Time:2003-04-14 @ 08:27:37 utc
Comment:Have been collecting oils stuff for many many years> people have seen my collection and have been impressed.Even the band members were impressed when i showed them a 12" acetate of wedding cake island & concert posters from the 70's. If you would like a list of my doubles please get in contact with me . you will not be disappointed. SMS Australia 0410 325 131
Time:2003-02-26 @ 04:13:47 utc
Comment:how the hell is anyone supposed to trade with you when you've got just about every possible material from the oils. i'm dying to hear all the stuff you have but unfotunately probably will never be able to beacause of your tight ass policy. why cant you accept money. i'd pay heaps.
Time:2003-02-07 @ 08:36:27 utc
Comment:So much great stuff here. I am happy to see a big fan online, and it was v. cool to see a recording of Summerfast last year, where I finally met the band (well, Peter and Jim) after eleven years of concerts.

Still crying over the breakup...

Time:2003-02-04 @ 08:10:55 utc
Comment:Very funny and well done site.

Your collection is also impressive.

Good luck Mr Noisy.
Time:2003-01-31 @ 06:32:04 utc
Comment:Checking out the site makes me realise I only saw the OILS 12 - 15 times which was not enough. 1st show - Penrith 1983 - last show Manly 2001. Great site - keep up the good work
Time:2003-01-03 @ 04:59:14 utc
Name:Dan Brunner
Comment:Hello from Wisconsin

Great site. I hope we can new Oils and post-oils stuff to that page real soon.

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